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Utility locating services in Karratha, WA

Service for Rio Tinto

Karratha 1535 kms North of Perth a modern growing town sitting within the wonderful Dampier Archipelago a natural underwater paradise of coral reefs, fish species and island bird wildlife. The Karratha Township services a large number of resource industries such as Woodside’s North West shelf LNG gas facility on the Burrup peninsula, Dampier salt mining & Rio Tinto mine port loading operations.

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Utility locating services in Onslow, WA

Service for Chevron

Onslow 1380 kms North of Perth with Barrow islands another 100 kms north of Onslow. Barrow islands class A nature reserve has strict quarantine measures to protect endangered or rare plants and animals. For 5 months of the year a wonderful sight in Onslow is the “stairway to the moon” where the moon rises and is reflected across the mudflats seen from sunrise beach.

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Utility locating services in Kalbarri, WA

Service for Telstra Corporation

Kalbarri 592 kms North of Perth where the Murchison River meets the Indian Ocean with Humpback whales and their calves pass on their migration. Adventure along sensational coastal cliffs and hiking stunning national parks featuring coloured rock bed layers or Kayaking the Murchison River, Kalbarri has lots to do.

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Utility locating services in Newman, WA

Service for Lendlease Group

Newman 1186 kms north of Perth in the East Pilbara region. A modern well equipped and resourced town on the door step to beautiful national parks. With rich iron ore bodies nearby Newman supports large scale mining operations.

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Utility locating services in Port Hedland, WA

Service for Fortescue Metals Group

 Port Hedland 1755 kms North of Perth is an Industrial town with huge shipping ports for iron ore mined inland, salt mining exports operations and off shore natural gas fields. An excellent way to see the whole town with fantastic views is from the town observation tower.

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Utility locating services for Great Northern Connect

Brief summary

Using underground pipe locator for major road projects, the projects may look simple when complete with new bitumen, white lines and new vegetation though a lot of planning and infrastructure works were conducted prior i.e. such as changing the power poles to raise the electrical wires for vehicle clearance.

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