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Westscan Mining, Civil Construction, Petroleum & Land Management Projects

Utility locating services in Karratha, WA

Service for Rio Tinto

Westscan provided utility locating service for Rio Tinto at Panawonica Mesa mine sites for ground penetrating radar GPR solutions with EM pipe and cable locator to assist in identifying existing mine utility services for future works and where clearance reports are required for excavation permits.

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Utility locating services in Kalgoorlie, WA

Service for Vodafone Group

Westscan’s regional DIDO locating service with fully equipped 4wd provided professional underground service locator to assist with Vodafone Group Toorak Hill transmissions arrays infrastructure expansion project. 

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Utility locating services in Geraldton, WA

Service for Origin Energy

Underground utility service detection and locating of anomalies at Beharra Spring, WA Natural Gas production facility prior to trenching works using ground penetrating radar with pipe and cable locator equipment.

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Utility locating services in Esperance, WA

Service for CBH Group

Westscan ground penetrating radar GPR drive in drive out underground scanning service on CBH group grain storage facilities for utility locating at Konnongorring, Koorda, York, Grass Patch & Broomehill sites.

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Utility locating services in Kalbarri, WA

Service for Telstra Corporation

Westscan’s drive in drive out pipe and cable locators service to identify Fibre optic and power cables at Nerren Nerren communication exchange building for Telstra Corporation.

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Utility locating services in Onslow, WA

Service for Chevron

Westscan provides water leak detector service to Chevron Energy on Barrow Island Western Australia. Acoustic leak detection equipment can be conveniently transported as air baggage enabling water leak detection works to start ASAP.

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Albany locating services, WA

Service for WA Government

Westscan's provided underground pipe locator and cable locating service to Cockram Constructions for Katanning Health services hospital major redevelopment project requiring utility locating of all underground power cables, gas pipes, copper and poly water piping, sewer system and Telstra communication services prior to excavation works.

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Utility locating services in Newman, WA

Service for Lendlease Group

Westscan provides fly in fly out cable locator with ground penetrating radar utility scanning service in Newman’s industrial area, surrounding mine sites and Township.

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Utility locating services in Port Hedland, WA

Service for Fortescue Metals Group

 Westscan provides utility locating services to Fortescue Metals Group project works. Locating optical fibre cables & underground utility services for Rail camp 145 prior to installation of new building footing.

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Utility locating services for Great Northern Connect

Brief summary

Using underground pipe locator for major road projects, the projects may look simple when complete with new bitumen, white lines and new vegetation though a lot of planning and infrastructure works were conducted prior i.e. such as changing the power poles to raise the electrical wires for vehicle clearance.

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Fly in Fly out regional services

Westscan has experience in the civil construction, mining, petroleum, and land management industries ...

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Utility Locating Services Reviews

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