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Locating services Monkey Mia

Locating Services- Project in Monkey Mia.

Monkey Mia, being a popular tourist destination in Western Australia, has underground services such as water supply, electricity, telecommunications, and sewage systems. Locating these underground services is crucial for construction, maintenance, and safety purposes. To initiate the process of locating underground services in Monkey Mia or any other area in Australia, you can follow these steps:

  • Provide information about specific areas where excavation is planned
  • Scope of works proposed
  • Address and the location of the site
  • The locators to visit the site and mark the locations of underground services using flags, paint, or other markers.

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Client – Westcom group specialising in Civil, Construction, Rigging for telecommunication systems and network projects
Site – Monkey Mia Site 13931
Site owner – Telstra Corp provides Australia and international telecommunication services.
Location – Monkey Mia, Western Australia
Scope – Locate existing underground services and conduct clearance scanning prior to installation of new Telstra communication tower.

Great to visit:

Monkey Mia conservation park is 848 Km North of Perth. Dugong raise babies in the shallow turquoise water with wild bottlenose dolphins dropping by for a free fish from ranger tours.