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Locate utility services and scan for anomalies

Scanning with Ground penetrating radar Wongan Hill's WA

Westscan conducted underground utility scanning with ground penetrating radar (GPR) and cable locating equipment to assess for possible anomalies or to locate any underground pipes or cables at Wongan Hill's communication tower.

A new 60m high communications tower is being installed to provide better and increased communications network coverage for the shire of Wongan-Ballidu Western Australia. Existing service infrastructure connecting the tower required locating prior to demolition works so electrical power cables and Telstra communication wires could be protected and preserved.

 scanning with gpr Wongan Hills

Site - Wongan Hill's exchange
Site owner - Western Power (Major electrical energy supplier for Western Australia)
Location - Wongan Hill's WA
Scope - Locate utility services and scan for anomalies

Wongan Hills is 193 km North-East of Perth, Western Australia. On a Wheatbelt farm at the top of a rocky outcrop sits Wongan Hill's communication exchange tower.