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Pit Seal Breaker
Pit Seal

• easy to use • heavy duty steel hollow section (SHS) for strength • easily dismantled for compact storage • adjustable • high strength gatic key T bolt included • high quality • steel breaker bar has three gatic t bolt holes for optimal positioning

Indispensable Tool to help in opening the pit with little effort

We know that breaking the seal on pits or access holes can be frustrating and hard work.

  • So we have designed an easy-to-use tool just for this purpose. The pit cover seal breaker (manhole seal breaker)  has been engineered to apply driving force between pit frame and lid or cover plates, saving time and energy.
  • With heavy-duty steel fabricated construction and long-handled leverage, makes easy removal of stubborn lids.

I’ve had people say “don’t waste your time trying on that lid, it won’t budge”. That’s until I show them the Pit Cover Seal Breaker (Gatic Lifter).


Pit Seal Breaker (manhole seal breaker) with Gatic Key

Designed by Westscan

experience the difference

The Heavy duty seal breaker (manhole seal breaker) has been designed specifically to apply maximum force to break the seal on stubborn pit lids and covers that are firmly held or stuck together from years of exposure to outdoor elements, tight installation fitment, suction, material corrosion, the cold of hot expansion locked, through binding weight or where dirt, sand grit, and clay has packed into the edge gap. Using the pit cover seal breaker, breaking the seal has now become a lot easier. The pit breaker has been designed with one main function, use maximum driving force along the seal point and break apart the sealing edges. It is specifically designed to provide access to underground chambers, such as

  • sewer systems,
  • utility vaults, or
  • drainage systems.

Advantages of the pit breaker design allow adjustable hole locations with the gatic keyed T bolt on the heavy-duty bars steel hollow section, this gives the seal breaker better positioning especially in tight places for example when a pit frame is near a wall. The turning bar is easily removable to assist with the initial setup. Components are quick and easily dismantled for equipment care and compact storage.

Breaker tool ease of use

Setting up the seal breaker on the job is easily done by inserting the Gatic key T bolt into the lid or cover the hole and turning the T bolt 90 degrees. Align the breaker bar into the desired position using the adjustable positioning holes on the steel breaker bar. Tighten the locking nut on the T bolt until the breaker bar assemble is tightly held against the pit lid or manhole access cover. Insert and screw the all-threaded pressure bolt down till snug against the driving shoulder of the frame lid. Insert the long-handled turning bar into the top of the all-threaded pressure bolt and rotate the pressure bolt in a clockwise direction until the seal is broken.

Tool Surface treatment finish

Our Pit Seal Breaker has been surface treated with excellent visibility in daylight or night.
When in use on the job site or looking for the breaker in the toolbox the seal pit seal breaker will be easy to locate.

8 customer reviews

Great For Gatic Styles Pits, Lids & Covers
3 months ago
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A very handy tool to take out into the field to break those stubborn pit seal lids. Works with many Gatic styles lids and covers.
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Recommended Pit Lifter
11 months ago
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I used this mainly to lift manhole covers. I think though it can manage much more than I expected. It is very useful and practical, it helped me a lot - saved me time and of course time is money. Very good quality pit seal breaker but it also acts as a lifter and it will be used a lot.
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Pit seal breaker - reliable tool
5 years ago
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Great tool with gatic key and works perfectly. Sometimes we also use it as a pit lifter - for small pits. Well-designed, effective solution for this old problem. Great investment for us - improves our safety and reduces damage and time on the job.
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Pit Lifter Specifications

  • Steel handle and load bar with dropped forged gatic key
  • Steel handle 500mm
  • Load Bar 275mm
  • Pressure Bolt
  • Zinc Coated
  • Capacity: 8000kgs breaking force at first hole (closest to pressure bolt)

Satisfied Customers using Our Pit Seal Breaker

Westscan delivers the industry's first line of trade-focused, high-performance seal breaker, also known as a manhole seal breaker or pit seal breaker. Many well known companies around Australia ordered Westscan's tool.

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