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  • Water Leak Detection Services in Perth

    Water Leak Detection Services in Perth

    Don’t let a small leak turn into a major headache with costly water damage and excessive water bill.

    • Water leak detection • heating leak detection • damp investigation• swimming pools leaks • drain investigation

    We can work with you existing plumber or recommend the best plumbers experienced in water leaks fixing.


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Water Leak Detection

Signs of water leaking and time to investigate:

  • Abnormally high water bill
  • Unusual wet area
  • Sunken ground
  • Lawn green spot
  • Mould or mildew wall
  • Water meter keeps spinning
  • Loss of pressure
  • Change in surface temperature

Is your water bill ridiculously high! And doesn’t make sense how you could of possible used so much water?

Sometimes the first you know that you’re losing countless dollars in precious water is from huge bill you receive in the mail.

Have you notice a drop in pressure from what your water pressure used to be?

If you’re connected to mains water supply then pressures do change and you might not notice a drop in pressure, though a large enough water leak will cause a pressure drop with water loss.

Are there areas around the house or property that have sunken?

As water escapes from a broken or ruptured pipe it under mines the ground causing voids this allows the ground to settle and sink.

Have you noticed an area of the garden or lawn that grows really well compared to the rest of the gardens?

Leaking water pipes are great for providing garden beds and grassed areas with extra water promoting nice green growth.

Do you have any walls with paint bubbling or with mould and mildew?

Water leaks will cause building materials like bricks, timber and plastering to become water logged which breeds mould and mildew.

Does the water meter continue to spin even though you have closed and shut off all taps?

A great place to start is to check the water meter after you have turned off all the taps and see that all the dials have stopped spinning.

Can you feel changes in surface temperature with cold and hot spots?

Leaking hot or cold water can alter the temperature of the surrounding environment and be detected at the surface.

Have your pets changed sleeping positions?

A summer water leak will create a cool place for a pet to relax and a winter water leak on the hot water piping will be nice and cosy.

These are just a few helpful tips. For FREE ADVICE call and speak to our friendly staff

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Water Leak Detection on rural property
10 months ago.
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The leak detection job I contacted Westscan about was a difficult one - a 5 acre rural property, with 20 year old bore pipes of partially known locations. James was prompt, thorough, knowledgeable, very helpful and professional. He fully assessed the situation, suggested a plan and found the leak whilst being mindful of my budget. He was excellent to deal with and provided lots of useful information. I'd thoroughly recommend Westscan.
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Finding water leaks

 Every water leak is unique to its location and environment, Westscan’s experienced leak detector personnel use a step by step leak detection methodology.

  • Calculate the water loss
  • Inspect the fixtures
  • Scan the utility services for general layout
  • Conduct acoustic leak detection

Water Leak Detection in Perth

Technology of water leak detection equipment

Water leak detection Perth

Leak detection equipment measures highly sensitive acoustic vibrations. The vibrations are caused when pressure is escaping from water pipes at the leak point. Vibration and noise intensity increase as the search field area narrows down to pin point the damaged pipework. The accuracy of being able to locate the precise break in the pipe line allows for faster repairs and less disruption to the surrounding environment.


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Water Leak Detection

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