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Scanning for upgrade works at Western Powers Koomberkine

Telstra cable locating in Koomberkine, WA

Westscan's accredited utility cable locating service provided underground scanning for upgrade works at Western Powers Koomberkine communication tower Western Australia. Quick mobilisation of a 4wd vehicle to the site meant the client could continue work without delays.

Quietly tucked away on elevated parkland sits Koomberkine's communication towers for the surrounding area. A new taller communication tower is to be built for increased range and capacity. The Telstra, power, and earthing underground services required locating prior to excavation works. The below image indicates with ground-marked lines, asset services were identified once Telstra cable locating and scanning were performed and shows the importance of utility locating to confirm the incoming route alignment before excavation works.

Telstra cable locating Koomberkine

Site - Koomberkine transmission towers WA
Site owner - Western Power (Western Australia state-owned energy supplier).
Location - Koomberkine, Western Australia.
Scope - Telstra cable locating and scan for other unknown services

The Wheatbelt region of Koomberkine is 198 km North East of Perth, Western Australia.