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Underground Locating Services

Mission Statement

Westscan’s mission is to deliver a high quality underground locating services and build a trusting relationship with all customers.

  • Safety plus – at Westscan we enjoy life and are totally committed to the safety of our employees, customers, the public and the environment.
  • No short cuts do it right – we know that not doing something correctly the first time means doing it again at a later stage, so we are committed to doing it right the first time.
  • Prosperity for all – genuinely showing our customers that we are interested their success, as their success is our success Freely give knowledge – we are more than happy to pass on whatever knowledge we can to assist in your works
  • Don’t unnecessarily delay – understanding that time is money to our valued customers, we are not interested in stretching out the clock for an extra buck
  • Keep moving forward – being proactive by keeping up to date with new ideas and challenging ourselves trying out new improved methods.
  • Make it simple – giving the customer clear and easy to understand information, not technical mumbo jumbo

Full range of Westscan underground locating services.

Underground locating services

Industrial Locating Services

Westscan scanning and locating service can accurately locate and mark utility services and anomalies to prevent safety related issues, time and cost delays to projects by...

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Residential Locating Services

Westscan has personnel with many years’ experience in the building industry to assist with locating services for residential properties to identify water mains, gas mains, sewer pipes, storm drains...

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Core Values

Pursuit of Excellence

We strive for the highest professional standards in our work and we aim to be the best in everything we do

Customer First

Our customers are foremost in our minds all the time. We go the extra mile to exceed their expectations.


We strive for fairness in all our business and working relationships.



Rockingham Locating services

Underground Cable Locator

Regional WA locating services

Westscan specializes in providing Fly in Fly out pipe and cable locator services

Regional Locating Services - Projects

Water Leak Detection

Local Services for Water Leak Detection

Utility Locating Services

Protecting and maintaining your infrastructure and damage prevention: