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About Westscan - Western Australian Scanning and Locating

Why Choose Westscan Locating Services

Westscan is a business based in Perth, Western Australia. The company was created in 2009 due to market demand for quality scanning and locating services.

Rockingham underground services representative

  • Westscan offers committed, friendly, reliable service with accurate results.
  • We utilise the latest technology in ground-penetrating radar and cable locating equipment.

The company is able to provide top quality service.

Westscan is committed to providing a safe work place and a safe community.

"I have over 20 years’ experience in mining, oil and gas, fabrication, maintenance, building and upgrade works, with valuable knowledge in safety and environmental issues and will be happy to assist you with your projects by sharing my expertise"

  James Horton
Westscan Founder

5.0/5 from 3 ratings.
Services Locating
5 years ago.
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James is very professional and helpful. Responded promptly and did a great job.
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Electrical cable locate Cockburn
5 years ago.
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Well organised and professional, James was excellent in providing helpful advice for the project.
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  • James horton 5 years ago.
    Thank you Tina
Residential Locating Services
6 years ago.
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The service provided by James was very reliable conducted in a friendly and professional manner.
At short notice a visit was arranged with no delays enabling the required works conducted the next day.
All questions and communications were responded promptly.
Much appreciated highly recommend James.
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Residential Services

Westscan has personnel with many years’ experience in the building industry to assist you with locating services for residential properties ...

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Industrial Services

Westscan scanning and locating service can accurately locate and mark utility services and anomalies to prevent safety related issues...

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Services Reviews

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Excellent service again thank you James. Thanks for fitting our job in at short notice and ...
P Connaughton · Industrial Services · 1 years ago
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We recently had need of a service locator and James from Westscan was recommended to ...
Lorraine Painter · Residential Locating Services · 2 years ago
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We have been using west scan for years all through the kwinana strip and we ...
Affinity Plumbing & Gas · Industrial Services · 5 years ago
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Dont rely on old plans & data! James skills and prompt service enabled me to ...
Matt Thomas · Residential Locating Services · 5 years ago
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James is very professional and helpful. Responded promptly and did a great job.
Steve · About Westscan · 5 years ago

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