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Utility locating services in Karratha, WA

Service for Rio Tinto

Westscan provided utility locating service for Rio Tinto at Panawonica Mesa mine sites for ground penetrating radar GPR solutions with EM pipe and cable locator to assist in identifying existing mine utility services for future works and where clearance reports are required for excavation permits.

Westscan also provides subsurface detection around Karratha shire to locate and map the underground gas pipeline route running along Dampier highway, and where the high-pressure gas pipeline changes direction at road crossings.

Panawonica Rio Tinto

Client – Survey Group (providing specialised surveying solutions)
Site – Panawonica Mesa A & Mesa J operations and mine site for iron ore.
Site owner – Rio Tinto (a leading global mining company which targets finding the Earth's mineral resources, mining and processing)
Location – Panawonica is an iron-ore mining town located 196 kms from Karratha in North West Pilbara region of Western Australia.
Scope – using ground penetrating radar (GPR) on mine sites to locate underground utility services

Karratha is 1535 kms North of Perth. The Karratha Township services a large number of resource industries such as Woodside’s North West shelf LNG gas facility on the Burrup peninsula, Dampier salt mining & Rio Tinto mine port loading operations.