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Brief summary
Explaining how locating underground utility services at Stirling Central shopping centre Western Australia and site surveying provides essential information for current and future projects.

What is surveying?
Surveying is measuring any vertical and horizontal angle in relation to a control point.

Total base station, ground penetrating radar (GPR) , pipe and cable locator (EM)

Working with GPR & EM equipment all site services are detected and identified with location markings. A surveyor using total station or GPS will pick up the surface or subsurface located marks with relative spatial position and service information. The collected data is referenced against a known control or base point and integrated into various drawing formats.

Subject site
Stirling Central shopping centre required updated information of surface and subsurface water pipes, Telstra cabling conduits and pits, sewer piping, power cables, storm water drains with connecting soak wells, fire service ring main, connection of domestic water and any site anomalies. The below picture shows underground site services scanned and marked up ready for surveying.

Underground asset surveying Stirling Central Perth Western Australia

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