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Concrete scanning in Perth

Services at Perth Airport

Westscan provided Concrete Scanning services at Perth Airport Western Australia to identify position of steel Reo-bar and other possibly unknown services in the elevator lift shafts.

New electronics equipment was being installed on the walls of the Perth WA Airport Terminal T1, T2, T3, T4 elevator lift shafts. By utilising 3D GPR high-resolution concrete scanning of the Besser Block and Concrete wall’s Westscan locating personnel were able to assist with positioning for clear placement when mounting the electronics equipment by marking the location of steel reinforcement bars and anomalies. The 3D concrete scanning image provides clear detail’s to the client of what is embedded in the wall. The client was then able to drill mounting holes avoiding possibly electrical or gas services and avoiding drilling into reo-bar (drilling into a reo-bar prolongs the task or may require relocating the mounting position).

Concrete scanning
Concrete Scanning Heat Map

Site – Perth, Western Australia Airport Terminals
Site owner – Perth Airport Pty Ltd. The international and domestic airport serving Perth and Western Australia
Location – Perth Airport WA
Scope – Concrete scanning elevator lift shaft Besser block and concrete walls for reo-bar and services.