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locating water pipes
Locating Water Pipes
Locating Water Pipes

Accidentally damaging a water pipe can cause disruption to the water supply and result in costly repairs.


Locating Water Pipes

Westscan leads the industry in accurate water leak detection. We back our services with experience and knowledge and use the best water leak detectors available on the market. From leak detection in your home or business plumbing lines to main line water leak detection, we have water leak detectors to tackle the projects our customers present to us. You can find more information about various types of water leak detectors available here.

We specialise in the underground location of various water pipes.

Water Pipes – A vast underground network of water pipes service industry, residential and public areas throughout Australia.
Water pipes vary in size from small copper pipes for a home garden tap to large steel/concrete pipes for water transfer from reservoirs.
The various materials and sizing of the water used are buried at different depths according to design and service.
Some of the construction materials i.e. cast iron, PVC, glass-reinforced plastic, steel and copper vary for water pipes depending on the service of use for the property or industry type.

Westscan Service: Using ground penetrating radar and cable locating equipment Westscan can accurately mark and locate the many different types of water pipes on your property.


  • Knowing where the water mains are that cross or intersect your property and tracing of all piping around your home.
  • Locating and tracing reticulation piping, storage tanks supply pipes, schools and farming crop & livestock pipes and finding existing fire main piping that is run through industrial factories, chemical plants, car parks, show grounds, and city office blocks.


Water pipe locating has several advantages, including:

  1. Preventing Accidents: Locating water pipes helps prevent accidental damage to them during excavation or construction. Accidentally damaging a water pipe can cause disruption to the water supply and result in costly repairs.

  2. Saving Time and Money: Locating water pipes before any construction work or excavation saves time and money by avoiding unnecessary delays, disruptions, and repairs. It enables contractors to plan and execute their work more efficiently.

  3. Ensuring Public Safety: Locating water pipes also ensures public safety by preventing any potential hazards that could arise due to damaged pipes. Water pipe leaks or bursts can create hazards like flooding and damage to surrounding infrastructure, which can be dangerous to the public.

  4. Preserving the Environment: By locating water pipes accurately, the risk of contaminating the environment is reduced. Inadvertently damaging pipes can result in water wastage and pollution.

  5. Increasing Efficiency: Knowing the precise location of water pipes can increase the efficiency of the water supply system. This information can be used to plan maintenance schedules, identify areas that require repairs or upgrades, and optimize water usage.

Overall, water pipe locating is essential for maintaining a safe, reliable, and efficient water supply system.