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Locating Voids

Voids – Holes or cavities in the soil which can be natural occurring or manmade due to pre-existing construction works or earth moments.
The sizes of voids depend on the nature of activity that may have caused the void to occur.
A broken pipe under a drive way leaking fluids can wash away soil leaving a void, Excavation works which have not been properly back filled can leave voids, unused pre-existing collapsed drainage may have voids that have been built over.
Soil erosion from weather or site service can cause voids to surrounding concrete slabs and structures.
Westscan Service: Using ground penetrating radar to locate possible voids around work sites or properties.


  • Location of voids means that you will be able to repair or manage the located area rather than incurring additional costs, delays and safety risks if a void collapses when work is performed

Locating property voids

Underground Cable Locator

Utility Locating Services

Protecting and maintaining your infrastructure and damage prevention:
  • leak surveys
  • cables locating
  • water leak detection
  • vacuum excavation