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Brief summary
Explaining how locating underground utility services at Stirling Central shopping centre Western Australia and site surveying provides essential information for current and future projects.

What is surveying?
Surveying is measuring any vertical and horizontal angle in relation to a control point.

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Explaining a method of finding reticulation wires and solenoids with a cable locator

What are reticulation solenoids?
A reticulation solenoid is used to open and close valves for controlling i.e. water systems. The solenoid uses electromagnetic fields created by a coil to operate a needle or gate on the valve. For automated systems a low voltage is connected to the solenoid to energize the coil as

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Septic Tank Removal

Brief Summary
Explaining a method for locating septic tank systems

What are septic tank systems?
Waste treatment systems (septic tanks) are used in areas where connection to the town sewer system is not presently available. A basic system consists of one or two sealed tanks with connecting leach drains. The septic tanks are concrete precast in a factory and transported to site for installation.

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Brief Summary
Explaining the many uses and easy setup of using a detectable duct rodder (flexitrace)

What is a detectable rodder with inbuilt sonde?
A detectable rodder is a combination of high quality fibre glass filaments and resins bonded together with two copper tracer wires along the length of the coil to produce a highly flexible, strong and durable rod. The rodder comes in many different thicknesses e.g. 4.5mm to 12mm

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Underground Cable Locator

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Westscan specializes in providing Fly in Fly out pipe and cable locator services

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