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Locating reticulation piping & solenoids

Reticulation piping & solenoids – Many properties and business use reticulation piping for maintain and servicing gardens, lawns and crops.
Some industrial business use reticulation water for dust suppressant and stock pile fire prevention.
Reticulation piping material is generally Polyolefin pipe or PVC which varies in size and configuration depending on and design for the individual property.

Other reticulation piping materials may be galvanised steel or copper pipe.
Westscan Service: Ground penetrating radar and cable locating equipment is used to scan the area for locating reticulation piping & solenoids and marking of these pipes and solenoids.

Benefits of locating reticulation piping & solenoids:

  • Mapping an existing property for new landscaping requirements
  • Locating solenoids for repair and replacement
  • Tracing piping for junction points


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