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Locating and Scanning - Range of our services

Locating Services

Westscan Pty Ltd is providing quality scanning and locating services for underground services and anomalies

• Water pipes • telecommunication cables • low pressure-high pressure gas pipes
• low voltage-high voltage power cables • storm water drain • voids and cavities
• landscaping reticulation piping • sewer pipes • underground storage tanks
• foreign anomalies

We provide you with detailed knowledge of what is underground so you can schedule works as required and minimise site delays.

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Site Surveying Plans

Underground survey drawings - Highly accurate precision equipment to map and calculate spatial measurements is utilised to set out base reference marks or pick up target points. The surveyor’s geometric data is collected to map designated landscapes or features such as property boundaries, transportation roads, building construction or positioning of underground assets.

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Metal Detection

Ferrous materials - A vast variety of materials are used in the construction of the underground service network or as standalone items. i.e. septic tanks with split lids, reinforcement bars, survey pins on property boundaries, storage drums, pipe line or utility valves, ferules set for casting, drainage grating, man hole covers, base plates, motors, valve riser casing, nuts and bolts, fencing posts. The item, parts or metallic object may have been installed lower than ground level for service use or maybe a relic that has been forgotten and buried over time.

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Power cable fault location

Finding power cable faults - Power cables and wires are engineered and constructed for a wide range of specifications. Basic assemble would be conductor material (carries the energy or power), insulation material (physically separates conductor materials) and shielding or Jacket which protects the internal components of the cable from heat, abrasion, weather and chemicals.

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Water Leak Detection

Signs of water leaking and time to investigate:

  • Abnormally high water bill
  • Unusual wet area
  • Sunken ground
  • Lawn green spot
  • Mould or mildew wall
  • Water meter keeps spinning
  • Loss of pressure
  • Change in surface temperature

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Vacuum excavation

What is vacuum excavating
Also known as non-destructive digging (NDD) or soft digging

The vacuum excavation process utilises powerful air suction to remove loose materials, and convey to a holding tank. Where materials are hard packed and bound together a high pressure water lance is used to breaking up and loosening materials around the target area. Holding tank spoils can be removed and taken to a suitable waste disposal site or stock piled on site for reuse.

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Locating Stormwater Drains

Stormwater drains – Take the excess water from properties and roads in the event of heavy rains, leaking pipes or run off water.

These drain pipes or trenches can be connected to soak wells at individual location or piped long distances to leech pits, holding ponds, free flowing outlets or treatment plants.
Some of the construction materials used for the pipes is reinforced concrete, PVC, steel and vitrified clay.

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Cable Locators

Power cables & wires – Electrical cable and wiring is commonly used to supply power to homes, office blocks, shops, parks, industrial area, mine sites, rural properties etc.
Underground cabling to and around the house, shed, bore/pool pumps, drive and pathway lighting.
Cabling on a farm for crop machinery, workshops, power generation transfer and livestock sheds. Our cable locators will help you pinpoint the line and depth of utilities buried underground.

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Locating Voids

Voids – Holes or cavities in the soil which can be natural occurring or man-made due to pre existing construction works or earth moments.
The sizes of voids depend on the nature of activity that may have caused the void to occur.
A broken pipe under a drive way leaking fluids can wash away soil leaving a void, Excavation works which have not been properly back filled can leave voids, unused pre existing collapsed drainage may have voids that have been built over.

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Locating Gas Piping

Gas Piping – The gas distribution network provides energy for the growing demand of customers across Australia.

This includes gas piping for low pressure up to 7 kPa, medium pressure over 7 kPa and up to 210 kPa and high pressure over 210 kPa to service the many industries and properties around the metropolitan, regional and rural areas.
Some of the construction materials used in the gas network include polyethylene, nylon and coated or cathodically protected steel.

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Locating Water Pipes

Water Pipes – A vast underground network of water pipes service industry, residential and public areas throughout Australia.
Water pipes vary in size from small copper pipes for a home garden tap to large steel/concrete pipes for water transfer from reservoirs.
The various materials and sizing of the water used are buried at different depths according to design and service.
Some of the construction materials i.e. cast iron, PVC, glass reinforced plastic, steel and copper vary for water

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Locating Reticulation Piping & Solenoids

Reticulation piping & solenoids – Many properties and business use reticulation piping for maintain and servicing gardens, lawns and crops.
Some industrial business use reticulation water for dust suppressant and stock pile fire prevention.
Reticulation piping material is generally Polyolefin pipe or PVC which varies in size and configuration depending on and design for the individual property.

Other reticulation piping materials may be galvanised steel or copper pipe.

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Locating Telstra Cables

Telecommunication cables – copper wires and fibre optics run underground connecting to homes, office buildings, workshops, shopping centres, mine sites, sporting complexes, industrial area and public places.
These cables are commonly run in high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conduit piping to protect the cabling with junction box installed where cabling is required to change direction. We specialise in locating Telstra cables.

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Locating sewer pipes

Sewer pipes & septic tanks - Sewer pipes are used to transfer waste to treatment area.
Domestic, industrial and rural areas all have sewer piping connection for waste transfer.
Sewer piping around the house may run to a septic tank on the property or link to the local town service.
The process of locating sewer pipes underground requires state of the art equipment and complex procedures, and we recommend to be carried out by professionals.

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Underground Cable Locator

Regional WA locating services

Westscan specializes in providing Fly in Fly out pipe and cable locator services

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