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Water leak detectors equipment

Brief Summary

Providing a basic understanding of the various types of equipment used by a water leak detector and how a water leak detectors equipment choice depends on many factors with the surrounding environment.

Acoustic water leak detection

When water escapes pipework under pressure from a pin hole, cut, rupture or blow out dynamic isolated changes are taking place.

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Tracer gas pipe leak detector

Hydrogen tracer gas leak detection is used by injection delivery into the target pipeline though a manifold. As the gas travels along the pipeline it escapes at the leak point.

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Electronic water leak detectors for acoustic listening

Extremely sensitive ground microphones pick up the slightest sound waves (noise). The ground microphones are designed to amplify and transmit the sound waves to the advanced system control units for digital processing.

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Thermal image camera water leak detector

Infrared imaging detects infrared light differences across surfaces not seen by the human eye. When used as a method of water leak detection in a building the leak point may produce a cold or hot image (i.e. for cold water or hot water pipes) compared to the surrounding environment.

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