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All about underground locating and scanning

Telecommunication History

Brief Summary
A short account of Australia's communication changes from horse to satellite.

Postal service
The Australia postal service first came into operation from 1809 with postmaster’s appointed to offices in each state and territory over time with the growth of each colony. Prior to colony control mail was delivered via ad hoc methods which were carried out by the good nature of shopkeepers, early settles and travellers. With the Gold rush of

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Locators Job Safety Analysis

Brief Summary
Explaining steps to complete a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

What is a Locators Job Safety Analysis (JSA)?
A Locators JSA is a valuable tool to evaluate and identify risks or hazards in a work place for a specific task, by identifying these risks or hazards, a process can be put in place to either eliminate or control the hazard and further protect the workers from injury  or environmental harm.

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Daily Vehicle Inspection Check List

Brief Summary
Explaining why it is a good idea to conduct daily vehicle inspections

What is a daily vehicle inspection check list?
Regular inspection of a vehicle prior to use will assist in giving the operator information regarding the vehicle’s basic condition. The inspection may highlight worn or damaged parts from previous operations; to record these inspections a daily vehicle inspection check list is used.

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Finding Electrical Cables Mandurah

Brief Summary
Why finding electrical cabling protects your safety and saves money

What are electrical cables?
Electric cables are conductors for transmitting power.

Why find electric cables and how does this protect me and save me on costs?
Electricity is harmful and we take good measure to steer clear of not getting an electric shock so identifying where the electrical wiring is located by mapping which direction the underground cabling has been installed adds protection for all personnel.

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Power Cable Depth Kwinana

Brief Summary
Explaining the use of cable locating equipment to determine the depth of power cables in the Kwinana car park to relevant industry standards and codes of practice.

What is a power cable?
A power cable is an electrical conductor, with typical construction materials of copper or aluminium strand or stands.

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Geological Anomalies - Singleton

Ground Penetrating Radar
A valuable tool for locating geological anomalies in the sand hills of Singleton, Western Australia

Brief summary
Westscan Pty Ltd of Port Kennedy WA was contacted by Consolidated Enterprises Pty Ltd of Malaga WA to conduct a geophysical survey of a property on the Singleton foot hills WA. The primary reason for the survey is to identify any anomalies that may affect the excavation zone for a swimming pool installation.

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Planning for a Swimming Pool or Spa in Perth

Brief Summary
Working though some of the planning consideration when looking to install or build a swimming pool and spa in Perth.

Just thinking about a swimming pool or spa brings a smile of summer fun and total relaxation, a rejuvenating plunge after a long day’s work, an evening in the spa to let the jet bubbles massage the body or enjoying the day with family and friends for a bbq and splashes of water. It’s all great fun as it should be as were laughing and enjoying life!

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Building Permits and Applications

Brief Summary
Explaining building permits and applications to build or install a swimming pool and spa in Western Australia

Western Australia legislation
Installation and construction of an above and below ground swimming pools or spa's fall in the same category as building works and a building permit is required to be submitted to the relevant local government. Building Act 2011 (WA). Contact your local shire council for building permit applications. (Plus councils are a great source of information)

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Surveying Underground Utilities Perth

Brief summary
Explaining how locating underground utility services at Stirling Central shopping centre Western Australia and site surveying provides essential information for current and future projects.

What is surveying?
Surveying is measuring any vertical and horizontal angle in relation to a control point.

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Septic Tank Removal

Brief Summary
Explaining a method for locating septic tank systems

What are septic tank systems?
Waste treatment systems (septic tanks) are used in areas where connection to the town sewer system is not presently available. A basic system consists of one or two sealed tanks with connecting leach drains. The septic tanks are concrete precast in a factory and transported to site for installation.

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Underground Cable Locator

Utility Locating Services

Protecting and maintaining your infrastructure and damage prevention:
  • leak surveys
  • cables locating
  • water leak detection
  • vacuum excavation