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Locating Power Cables & Wires

Power cables & wires – Electrical cable and wiring is commonly used to supply power to homes , office blocks, shops, parks, industrial area, mine sites, rural properties etc.
Underground cabling to and around the house, shed, bore/pool pumps, drive and pathway lighting.
Cabling on a farm for crop machinery, workshops, power generation transfer and livestock sheds.
Mine sites & Industrial workshops require high voltage cable to service large machinery, plant and equipment.
High and low voltage power cable though many underground networks that connect to each property by the local authority.
After the connection is made to each property cabling can be run without any further known path and may need to be identified for future works.
Westscan Service:  Ground penetrating and cable locating equipment can be used to pinpoint and locate these cables.


  • Avoids putting employees and public in potential dangerous situations while work is conducted
  • Confirm the depth of electrical cable meets Australian standard
  • Find junction boxes
  • Trace redundant cabling
  • Confirm location against site plans

Westscan can provide experienced locating power cable & wires services for industrial or residential needs.

Locating Power objects

Locating Power objects

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Westscan specializes in providing Fly in Fly out pipe and cable locator services

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