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Mapping with full reporting of all underground services

Utility locating services in Kalgoorlie, WA

Service for Vodafone Group

Westscan’s regional DIDO locating service with a fully equipped 4wd provided professional underground service locator to assist with Vodafone Group Toorak Hill transmissions arrays infrastructure expansion project. 

Upgrade works for Kalgoorlie’s communication network with the installation of a higher antenna tower required existing underground copper wires, fibre optic communication cables and power cables located. Mapping with full reporting of all underground services around the transmission compound enables contractors to excavate with knowledge of the surrounding environment.

Kalgoorlie Utility Locating Services

Site – Toorak Hill Exchange
Site owner – Vodafone Group one of the world's leading telecoms and technology service provider with extensive experience in connectivity, convergence and digital transformation.
Location – Coolgardie / Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
Scope – Locate copper wires, fibre optic communication, and power cables and scan for anomalies.
Project – Installation of new telecommunications tower and buildings

Kalgoorlie boulder is 590 km East of Perth well known since the discovery of gold in 1893.