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Locating Sewer Pipes & Septic Tanks

Sewer pipes & septic tanks - Sewer pipes are used to transfer waste to treatment area.
Domestic, industrial and rural areas all have sewer piping connection for waste transfer.
Sewer piping around the house may run to a septic tank on the property or link to the local town service.
Industrial facility sewer piping may run to septic tanks, town service or to the facilities own onsite process plant.
The pipes used to perform this service are made from PVC, Vitrified clay, reinforced concrete and cast iron.
Westscan Service: Ground penetrating radar and cable locating equipment is used to locate and trace the direction that these pipes travel.


  • No accidents occur to damage the sewer pipes of septic tanks (not a good thing if it is damaged, could be very messy and expensive!)
  • Locate piping to allow for repairs to cracked pipes
  • Check the area for new proposed septic/ATU installation location
  • Trace the piping before planting large growing tree’s (root systems on large tree can cause pipe blockages)


Locating Sewer Pipes & Septic Tanks

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