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Underground locating Solutions

Utilities locating services

Locating underground solutionsWestscan uses the latest technology with highly accurate GPR (ground penetrating radar) equipment.

GPR works by using an electromagnetic energy signal, these high-frequency pulsed radio waves which travel through the surface of the target location for two way travel time (send and receive) as the antenna is moved across the surface the difference in the dielectric properties of the substrate or target reflects these changes which are then reproduced on a computer screen for identification.

Westscan also uses advanced electromagnetic locating equipment to locate and detect magnetic fields which are known as a signal.
Passive signals are signals which occur naturally from power or radio waves and Active signals are signals which are induced or directly connected by a portable generating transmitter to the target line.

Electromagnetic locating equipment is also used to locate non-metallic lines with the use of a transmitting sonde. A transmitting sonde is a small circular vessel which contains a magnetic field generator.

At Westscan we provide complete utility locating services in Western Australia. With our expertise and the latest technology your underground services are guaranteed to be located. 

Our utilities locating services can assist to locate utilities such as:

Residential Locating Solutions

Westscan has personnel with many years’ experience in the building industry to assist with locating services for residential properties to identify water mains, gas mains, sewer pipes, storm drains...

Industrial Locating Solutions

Westscan scanning and locating service can accurately locate and mark utility services and anomalies to prevent safety related issues, time and cost delays to projects by...

Regional Locating Solutions

Westscan provides efficient Drive in Drive out underground locating services to regional towns or remote mine site locations across Western Australia. Our Drive in Drive out service is beneficial ...