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Locating Water Piping

Nice relaxing 5 acre rural property in Banjup, south of Perth.

Where the new owners of the property have been looking to repair and extend the bore water reticulation system.
Unfortunately, no plans of the bore location, solenoid valves or water piping were left with the property.
The owners contacted Westscan to assist in finding and mapping the bore water reticulation system.
In the attached picture you can see I have already made a start by marking the wiring running from the reticulation controller to the solenoids using cable locating equipment, and where the PVC or poly piping branches off the mainline we use ground-penetrating radar.
Once the general layout of the pipework has been established we’re looking to verify the controller station numbers to solenoid valves with very sensitive acoustic listening equipment.
This is really handy because if the solenoid is jammed you can still hear the hum of the solenoid trying to work.
By combining various specialised locating equipment with years of experience we successfully located and mapped the properties of underground bore water retic cables and piping system.
The properties owners were so happy that finally, they have a map of the reticulation system.

 How to locate water reticulation pipes

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