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Septic Tank Removal

Brief Summary
Explaining a method for locating septic tank systems

What are septic tank systems?
Waste treatment systems (septic tanks) are used in areas where connection to the town sewer system is not presently available. A basic system consists of one or two sealed tanks with connecting leach drains. The septic tanks are concrete precast in a factory and transported to site for installation.

The shapes of the holding tanks are commonly rectangular or round design with split lids.

Sewer sonde and EM detection receiver and ground penetrating radar Application: A sewer sonde is inserted into an inspection opening and pushed along the sewer pipe to the septic tank where the signal generated from the sonde is detected by the EM receiver to locate the sonde current position.

Subject site
A residential property in Malaga suburb of Perth Western Australia recently had the town sewer service connected by the previous owner. Yet still required to decommission the existing septic tanks. There were no site drawings available as to where the existing septic tanks had been installed. Redundant sewer piping was located and a sonde (signal transmitter) was inserted into the piping for tracking and locating the tank position. The image below shows the septic tank inspection hole in the split lid approximately 200mm below the pavers.

                             Finding the location of a septic tank system for decommissioning

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