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Cable locator and equipment

Brief Summary
Explaining the use of cable locating equipment used by cable locator to determine the depth of power cables in the Kwinana car park to relevant industry standards and codes of practice.

What is a power cable?
A power cable is an electrical conductor, with typical construction materials of copper or aluminium strand or stands.

Cable locating induction transmitter, receiver and direct connection lead.

Power cables (electrical conductors) buried underground generate a magnetic field naturally with return currents i.e. radio waves and power stations or when inducted with an electromagnetic transmitter. A receiver is used to detect and locate these magnetic fields.

Subject site
A site scan was undertaken for mapping and tracing the power cabling installed underground to connect car park lighting poles. The below image of the Kwinana car park shows the power cable run (red lines) from the switch board to each light pole. Locating Power cables in Perth


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Cable depth reading

Depth readings
Using a cable locator with direct connection we are able to conduct pin point depth readings though out the entire power cable run and document findings. The above image shows a typical depth reading with the power cable at 700 mm directly below the receiver.

Underground Cable Locator

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