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Drive-in Drive-out underground scanning service

Utility locating services in Esperance, WA

Service for CBH Group

Westscan ground penetrating radar GPR drive-in drive-out underground scanning service on CBH group grain storage facilities for utility locating at Konnongorring, Koorda, York, Grass Patch & Broomehill sites.

New grain storage bund infrastructure was being designed to increase storage capacity across various CBH groups grain holding facilities, area clearance radar scans for known and unknown underground utilities using GPR scanning service with EM locating was required prior geotechnical bore hole drilling.

Esperance GPR scanning service

Client – Coffey International (Specialists experts in geotechnical engineering, environmental services, testing and project management services).
Site – Grass Patch grain handling storage.
Site owner – CBH group (Australia's largest co-operative and grain exporter for bulk handling, storage, grain receiver, marketing, transport and ship-loading of grains).
Location – Esperance region of Western Australia
Scope – Clearance scanning bore hole locations using Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electromagnetic utility locating services.

Esperance is 713 kms South East of Perth in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia.