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Manhole Lifters

These tools typically consist of a long handle with a hook, key, or claw-like attachment at the end. The attachment is designed to fit into the holes or slots present on the manhole cover, allowing the user to leverage the handle to lift the heavy cover.

also known as manhole cover lifters or manhole keys

Pit Seal Breaker
Pit Seal

• easy to use • heavy duty steel hollow section (SHS) for strength • easily dismantled for compact storage • adjustable • high strength gatic key T bolt included • high quality • steel breaker bar has three gatic t bolt holes for optimal positioning

Indispensable Tool to help in opening the pit with little effort

Pit Lifter
Pit Cover

The specific design and type of pit lifter can vary based on the requirements of the infrastructure, safety regulations, and the company's practices.

Recommended tool when lifting pit covers

Reasons to use Manhole Lifters

They are essential tools in the field of utility maintenance and construction. Manhole lifters are needed for several reasons:

  1. Safety: Manhole covers are typically heavy and can weigh several hundred pounds, depending on their size and material. Attempting to lift them manually can pose a risk of injury to workers, including strains, sprains, and even more serious injuries. A manhole lifter allows workers to lift the covers without putting excessive strain on their bodies.

  2. Efficiency: Manholes often need to be accessed for maintenance, inspection, and repair purposes. Using a manhole lifter makes the process quicker and more efficient. Workers can quickly remove the cover without struggling, which helps reduce downtime for utility services.

  3. Prevention of Damage: Manhole covers are essential for protecting underground utility systems from external elements, debris, and unauthorized access. Improperly removing or replacing covers can lead to damage or misalignment, which might compromise the integrity of the utility infrastructure. Manhole lifters ensure covers are handled properly to prevent such damage.

  4. Uniformity: In areas with a large number of manholes, using consistent equipment like manhole lifters ensures that the covers are handled uniformly. This standardization can help prevent accidents and streamline maintenance procedures.

  5. Accessibility: Some manholes are located in challenging locations, such as busy streets, sidewalks, or confined spaces. Manhole lifters provide a safe and controlled way to access these locations without causing disruptions or endangering workers.

  6. Compliance: Regulatory standards and safety guidelines often require the use of proper tools and equipment for working on infrastructure like manholes. Using a manhole lifter helps companies and workers adhere to these regulations.

  7. Reduced Strain: Lifting heavy manhole covers manually can result in physical strain, particularly when workers need to lift covers repeatedly throughout their workday. Manhole lifters are designed to minimize the physical effort required, reducing the risk of strain-related injuries.

Overall, manhole lifters enhance worker safety, improve efficiency, and help maintain the functionality and integrity of underground utility systems. They are essential tools in the field of utility maintenance and construction.

Why to use Manhole Lifters