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Manhole Lifters

These tools typically consist of a long handle with a hook, key, or claw-like attachment at the end. The attachment is designed to fit into the holes or slots present on the manhole cover, allowing the user to leverage the handle to lift the heavy cover.

also known as manhole cover lifters or manhole keys

Pit Seal Breaker
Pit Seal

• easy to use • heavy duty steel hollow section (SHS) for strength • easily dismantled for compact storage • adjustable • high strength gatic key T bolt included • high quality • steel breaker bar has three gatic t bolt holes for optimal positioning

Indispensable Tool to help in opening the pit with little effort

Pit Lifter
Pit Cover

The specific design and type of pit lifter can vary based on the requirements of the infrastructure, safety regulations, and the company's practices.

Recommended tool when lifting pit covers

Manhole Lifters

Brief Summary

Explaining the function of are manhole lifter and how to use a manhole lifter.

What are Manhole lifters?

Manhole lifter are specially designed lifting tool for lifting manhole covers or manhole lids to allow access to the space below. The Manhole lifting tools has a unique key commonly called a Gatic key which is inserted into the top of a manhole and locked into place. Long handled manhole lifters are made of steel and approximately 1m in length.


There are many different designs of manhole lifters.

  • Screw jack’s manhole lifters
  • Hydraulic manhole lifters
  • Leverage manhole lifters

Equipment usually used with manhole lifter.

  • Pit seal breaker,
  • Scrapper,
  • Grease and roll bar.


Once the pit seal is broken using a pit seal breaker, position the manhole lifter over the Gatic keyholes on one side of the pit cover and insert the Gatic key in position and lock the key by rotating the key 90 degrees. Tighten the Gatic key nut to remove any slack. Position body between the manhole lifter handles and lift to raise the manhole cover up enough to allow the roll bar access to roll under the manhole cover/lid. Lower the manhole cover onto the rollbar and using the Gatic lifters pull the lid toward yourself while taking a step back. The manhole cover will gentle roll back with you while opening the access hole.


Manhole lifting tools used correctly on heavy steel and concrete lids remove fingers and hands away from pinch points with long handles providing good leverage to assist in lifting one side on the manhole cover / lid also assists in keeping your back straight and body upright.

Manhole Lifters Information