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Pit Seal Breaker

Gatic Lifters

Using a Gatic lifter offers improved safety, efficiency, and reliability when handling Gatic access covers, ensuring smooth access to underground infrastructure for maintenance, inspections, or repairs

designed specifically for lifting and removing Gatic Key access covers or lids

Difference between a  pit seal breaker and a gatic lifter ?

A Gatic lifter and a pit seal breaker are two different tools designed for different purposes in relation to access covers and pits. Here's a comparison between the two:

Gatic Lifter:  A Gatic lifter,  is a specialised tool designed specifically for lifting and removing Gatic access covers or Gatic lids. It is used to safely and efficiently handle Gatic covers during maintenance, inspections, or other access requirements. The Gatic lifter is designed to match the shape and configuration of Gatic covers, providing a secure grip and leverage for lifting.

Pit Seal Breaker:  A pit seal breaker, on the other hand, is a tool used for breaking the seal or breaking the bond between a pit frame and the surrounding surface material. Pit seals are often used to secure the frame of a pit or access chamber to the road or pavement surface, ensuring stability and preventing water or debris from entering the pit. When access is required to the pit, the pit seal needs to be broken.

While the Gatic lifter is used specifically for lifting Gatic covers, the pit seal breaker is used to break the seal. For best practice use the pit seal breaker to break the pit seal then apply the gatic lifters to remove the pit lids


They serve different purposes in the process of accessing underground infrastructure.