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Manhole Lifters

These tools typically consist of a long handle with a hook, key, or claw-like attachment at the end. The attachment is designed to fit into the holes or slots present on the manhole cover, allowing the user to leverage the handle to lift the heavy cover.

also known as manhole cover lifters or manhole keys

Pit Seal Breaker
Pit Seal

• easy to use • heavy duty steel hollow section (SHS) for strength • easily dismantled for compact storage • adjustable • high strength gatic key T bolt included • high quality • steel breaker bar has three gatic t bolt holes for optimal positioning

Indispensable Tool to help in opening the pit with little effort

Pit Lifter
Pit Cover

The specific design and type of pit lifter can vary based on the requirements of the infrastructure, safety regulations, and the company's practices.

Recommended tool when lifting pit covers

Industries Essential Tool

Manhole lifters are primarily used in industries that involve the maintenance, inspection, and repair of underground utility systems. Some of the key industries that make use of manhole lifters include

  1. Utilities and Infrastructure: Utility companies, including water and sewer authorities, electrical companies, and telecommunications providers, often need to access manholes for maintenance, repairs, and installations. Manhole lifters are essential tools in these industries to safely and efficiently lift manhole covers.

  2. Construction and Engineering: During construction projects involving the installation or upgrading of underground infrastructure, manhole lifters are used to access manholes and utility access points. Engineers and construction workers need to inspect the condition of existing utility systems or install new components.

  3. Municipalities and Public Works: Municipalities use manhole lifters as part of their public works operations. These tools are used for routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and inspection of municipal infrastructure, including sewer systems, stormwater drains, and utility lines.

  4. Road Maintenance and Repair: Manhole covers located on roadways need to be accessed for maintenance and repair of underground utilities. Road maintenance crews and contractors use manhole lifters to safely remove covers and access utility systems beneath road surfaces.

  5. Telecommunications: Telecommunications companies need access to underground cables and conduits for maintenance and repairs. Manhole lifters are used to lift manhole covers and provide access to the network infrastructure.

  6. Industrial Facilities: Industrial sites often have underground utility systems for various purposes, such as drainage, waste disposal, and power supply. Manhole lifters are used to access these systems for maintenance and inspections.

  7. Environmental Services: Environmental services companies may use manhole lifters when dealing with stormwater management systems, sewage treatment facilities, and other infrastructure that requires access to underground utilities.

  8. Contractors and Maintenance Services: Various contractors specializing in utility maintenance, repair, and inspection services use manhole lifters as part of their toolkit. These contractors are hired by different industries to ensure the proper functioning of underground utility systems.

Overall, any industry or sector that relies on underground utility systems for its operations or infrastructure maintenance is likely to use manhole lifters to access manholes and utility access points safely and efficiently.

What industries use manhole lifters