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Water Leak Detection in Cockburn Central - Case Study

Water loses from leaking underground pipework is usually only discovered when the water meter reading shows an abnormal increase in the water consumption.
Sleepmakers manufacturing workshop in Cockburn central noticed an increase in the fire service meter reading and started investigating.

The maintenance team conducted a visual inspection of the workshops plumbing taps, valves and confirmed all were in good condition.

Underground water leaks easierly go undetected as the water general goes with gravity and continues soaking down.
In high volume leaks there is a better chance that the leak can be seen from the surface as the water volume is large enough to push upward.
With no construction drawings showing fire service piping installation Westscan was called to assist.

Westscan experience personnel were able to identify the fire service piping was metallic, locate and trace the route of main fire service pipes, pin point the water leak under the bitumen using acoustic leak detection listen equipment.

By detecting the precise leak location enabled the maintenance crew the ability to excavate a small area for repairs which reduced material costs and time taken to conduct repairs, increasing further saving and with great results knowing precious water is been saved.

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