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Water Leak Detection Services
Water leak

Don’t let a small leak turn into a major headache with costly water damage and excessive water bills.

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Water Leak Detection Perth

Massive water bill - due to water leak

If you have a hidden underground leak and your bill over $250 you might be eligible for a leak allowance from a Water Corporation.

The allowance, however, does not cover the cost for any repair work or services. Please note: A leak allowance will only be considered after you have your plumbing or irrigation repairs completed to meet the industry standards. And leak was repaired within 60 days of detection.

Some insurances though would cover unexpected burst of pipes even for repairs. However, if pipe was damaged or water was leaking for some time and could be avoided the insurance usually won't cover any costs.

Regular maintenance, vigilant monitoring, and prompt action are essential for detecting and addressing leaks before they escalate into more significant problems. Insurance might decline your claim also in cases when water damage cause significant problems due to your lack of diligence/maintenance.

Please note: In general, most insurance companies will not cover gradual water damage. A gradual water damage example could involve a slow leak from a pipe underground. 

Water leaks should be taken seriously due to their potential to cause significant property damage, environmental harm, safety hazards, and financial burdens.

Prompt detection and repair of underground leaks are essential to mitigate these risks and prevent further damage. Regular maintenance, monitoring, and proactive leak detection efforts can help identify and address underground water leaks before they escalate into more significant problems.

 Just remember: Even the small leaks should not be ignored, as they have the potential to worsen over time and lead to more significant water damage, increased utility costs, and potential health and safety hazards. It's essential to address small leaks promptly through proper repair and maintenance to prevent further damage and mitigate potential risks.