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Locating Gas Piping

Gas Piping – The gas distribution network provides energy for the growing demand of customers across Australia.locating gas pipingThis includes gas piping for low pressure up to 7 kPa, medium pressure over 7 kPa and up to 210 kPa and high pressure over 210 kPa to service the many industries and properties around the metropolitan, regional and rural areas.
Some of the construction materials used in the gas network include polyethylene, nylon and coated or cathodically protected steel.
Pipe size, location and depth vary with service required for location and date of installation, such as older installation will more likely be steel or old cast iron pipes.
Westscan Service: Using ground penetrating radar and cable locating equipment we are able to locate and mark the position of these utilities.


  • Ensure safety maintained when work is performed around gas mains areas
  • Pin point the location for additional service to be added
  • Knowing the depth for future planning
  • Locate old steel or cast iron piping for replacement

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Westscan specializes in providing Fly in Fly out pipe and cable locator services

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