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Explaining the advantages of finding and mapping old redundant Telstra/Telecommunication wires in Perth, Western Australia

What is telecommunication and the basic wiring used?
Telecommunication is the transmission of information from one point to another via copper wire, cables, fibre optics or wireless technology. Communication is a fundamental part of our daily activities for individuals, communities, companies and governments…


Electromagnetic field transmitter (cable locator transmitter), detection receiver, signal clamp and direct connect leads

Using the principles of electromagnetic induction a signal is generated on metal pipes or cables underground, the signal can be a passive signal or active signal which has been induced by an electromagnetic field transmitter (cable locating transmitter) for detection by the receiver. As shown below a direct connection lead has been attached to redundant telecom wiring for tracing

Old telecom wires

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The below image shows the new and redundant telecom wires going to and from a telecommunication manhole pit in Serpentine along separate trenches or from line boring

Serpentine Telecommunication Trace

The benefits of finding and mapping telecommunication wires
Finding and locating new or redundant telecom wires for planning, prior to excavation or so the redundant wires can be tested for serviceable condition and reinstated for alternate use on residential or industrial properties can be a cost effective solution.

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