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Job Safety Analysis

Brief Summary
Explaining steps to complete a Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

What is a Locators Job Safety Analysis (JSA)?
A Locators JSA is a valuable tool to evaluate and identify risks or hazards in a work place for a specific task, by identifying these risks or hazards, a process can be put in place to either eliminate or control the hazard and further protect the workers from injury  or environmental harm.

 JSA Example

Below is an example of a Locators JSA completed to locate street lighting cables in a car park at the local boat ramp with a cable locator doing a passive sweep in Power mode.

an example of a JSA

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The JSA has been broken up into three sections

Section 1 as shown below identifies the supervisor in charge and the work team members for this task, date works are being done, site location, what number JSA for reference, the revision number for when the JSA is changed or updated and a site contact number (or customer).

JSA section 1

Section 2 as shown below identifies the team members classification i.e. Technician, Trade Assistant etc, what personal equipment is required onsite or for the task, equipment to be used to perform the task and type of safety barriers/signs to inform or restrict personnel from entering the area.


Section 3 as shown below identifies the steps and hazards and control method.
By breaking down each step of the task to be perform we can see what actions we are about to conduct, which may identify a risk or hazard with that action or identify a risk or hazard in the work area. If we can identify those risks or hazards than we will be able to implement controls measures to keep personnel from injury or causing environmental harm.

Section 3

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