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Locating and Scanning - Range of our services

Locating Stormwater Drains

Stormwater drains – Take the excess water from properties and roads in the event of heavy rains, leaking pipes or run off water.

These drain pipes or trenches can be connected to soak wells at individual location or piped long distances to leech pits, holding ponds, free flowing outlets or treatment plants.
Some of the construction materials used for the pipes is reinforced concrete, PVC, steel and vitrified clay.

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Underground Cable Locator

Regional WA locating services

Westscan specializes in providing Fly in Fly out pipe and cable locator services

Regional Locating Services - Projects

Utility Locating Services

Protecting and maintaining your infrastructure and damage prevention:

  • leak surveys
  • cables locating
  • water leak detection
  • vacuum excavation